Monday, January 6, 2014

I just got conned by a four-year old...

My younger son comes to me with a winsome smile on his face. It's the smile he uses when he wants to play a game. "Leave the room, mommy."

I ask, "Where do you want me to go?"

"Just leave for one minute."

Okay, so it's an obscure game he's made up. Fine, I get up from my chair and leave the room for a few minutes. He doesn't follow. Some game. Whatever. I go back to my seat and continue working.

About a half hour later, my husband asks. "Where are the electronics?"

"On the brown shelf by my desk."

He looks. "They're not there. Did he take them?"

I look at him. My jaw drops.

No freaking way. Did my sweet, honest, and innocent child lure me away from my desk so that he could take the neat pile of Kindles and iPads from the shelf next to my desk? 

We search the house. The kids are not in the obvious places--not in their bedroom, their playroom, the kitchen, the living room, or the dining room.

The door of the rarely used guest room is closed. My husband opens the door. A flurry of activity takes place inside as two children scramble to hide. Electronics are concealed. "I don't have a Kindle," the younger child insists, holding up both hands. He is leaning against the bathroom counter, the Kindle pressed up against his back.

I am so amazed by his slick ingenuity that I don't even scold him. He gets a hug and a kiss (I know, I need to work on more appropriate punishments) though we do confiscate (and hide) the electronics this time.