Sunday, January 5, 2014

How much did you miss mommy? "ZERO PERCENT."

Yesterday, my elder son (7 years old) returned from his first overnight hunting trip with his father. In theory, they were supposed to go hunt hogs. In reality, it was a nature walk since no hogs were to be found. They did all the other camping things though, like set up a tent, hang out around a campfire, etc, and all in the midst of a freezing winter (well, it was fifty degrees, which in Florida, counts as a freezing winter.)

My son comes back, bright-eyed, and relates with relish how there were NO toilets. (Yes, darling, I know there are no toilets, which is why mommy, who is obviously sane, is not out there with you all...)

The real test, however, of how much fun he had is this question, "How much did you miss mommy?"

His immediate answer, accompanied by a flashing grin, "ZERO percent."

Yup, he had fun out there. :-)