Saturday, January 5, 2013

Why are children such effective liars, and why are their dads so bad at catching a lie?

This morning, my younger son runs in into the bedroom, his father not far behind. I hold out my arms for a hug and the child demurs.

Automatically, my mommy instincts kick in. I look at my husband. "Did you take him to the potty?"

My husband responds with, "I asked him if he went to the potty, and he said, 'Mommy took me potty. Said good job.'"

OMG, my three and a half year old lied to my husband, and worse, my husband fell for it.

How did I know my child hadn't yet gone to the potty? He refused to hug me. He always refuses to come to me if he thinks I'm going to haul him off to the potty.

Either daddy instincts FAIL or mommy has trust issues.

Probably both.